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Learn About How to Take Care of a Dementia Patient

Learn About How to Take Care of a Dementia Patient

When dementia sets in on your loved one, the best solution will be to hire a licensed dementia caregiver to handle the situation. However, even before you do that, there are tips you can implement to improve the situation.

Dementia is a common condition especially in elderly citizens, and research reveals that up to five million people are living with some form of the condition. It comes with several changes and challenges that not only affect the individual but the entire family as well.

As the condition advances, many behavioral changes are likely to arise. Common conditions in a dementia patient include paranoia, false ideas, and strange behaviors such as irritability, anxiety, and arrogance. If you cannot handle the situation yourself, hiring a certified dementia caregiver would provide the best solution.

A trained dementia caregiver knows how to handle the patient even in the most difficult situations. Since the behaviors arising from your loved one affect you indirectly, it is advisable to delegate the duty to a third party with special skills to handle the situation on your behalf. The following are some of the principles that you may observe to deal with a dementia patient.

Remain calm

When you reason with a dementia patient, you may aggravate the situation. The best thing to do is to stay calm and avoid argument or logic. Simply breathe in deeply before reacting to a situation that is out-of-place. If the condition gets worse, you may seek services of a Los Angeles dementia caregiver.

Respond to feelings

Dementia patients experience mixed feelings at different times. Imagine what the patient may be going through and show them that despite their situation, they have someone close who cares.

Reassure the patient

When your loved one feels lonely or disturbed, just show love and reassure them that they in safe hands and cared for. Sometimes the condition may get worse with the patient becoming arrogant or behaving strangely. When that happens, you can seek services of a trusted LA dementia caregiver.


Sometimes it is just necessary to pull yourself out of the situation both physically and psychologically. That enables you to refresh and regain commitment. Taking a vacation for a few weeks can help, during which you can hire services of a dementia caregiver in Los Angeles to take care of the patient in your absence.


After brief break, you can return to care for your loved one with renewed spirit and commitment. That is why it is necessary to have some plan so you can know at what point you will be away and who will be in charge of the patient in your absence.

On coming back, you will be more relaxed and revived to handle the situation. Remember that you have a permanent emotional connection to your loved one. Therefore, no matter how worse the situation may be, you need to remain calm and exercise sobriety. Try to behave in a manner that will not make the situation worse.

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