Community rules for chat room users

When entering a chat room, the user must know the following general rules that govern coexistence in SearchDesk chat rooms.

Rules common to all chat rooms

  1. Communications in private
    If you need to report something to a channel operator, please do so in a private message and not in chat rooms. Third-party reports of messages that include illegal content in private messages are appreciated.

  2. DO NOT include personal information
    Do not disclose sensitive personal information to yourself or third parties, such as postal address, phone number or email, in the chat room. It is allowed to include your own social networks or Skype (via username), as long as the transmission is not repetitive.

  3. DO NOT make hate speech
    While it is allowed to debate, give opinions or exchange ideas on various topics (for example sports, politics, religion); We have no tolerance for racism, Nazism, homophobia or, in general, the attack on any political group, religious group or ideas.

  4. Do not portray yourself as under the age of 18
    The channels are for people 18 years of age or older, users who portray themselves in the room as under 18 years are not allowed. In the same way, avoid numbers in your nickname that may describe you as a minor.

  5. Avoid confrontational behavior
    We have no tolerance for fighting, bullying, aggression, defamation, harassment, use of inappropriate or overly vulgar language.

  6. NO to spam and commercial messages or nicknames
    Our channels should not be used for advertisements from other sites / chats / companies or any activity related to commerce, including webcam demonstrations.

  7. No to the flood and excessive repetition
    Avoid sending repeated messages constantly on our channels. Once or twice your intentions are clear. Also, do not flood our channels with sending links or text blocks.

  8. Respect other users
    Respect for each other is important. If someone says no, don't harass or push the issue. If you think that another user is bothering you in private messages, use the corresponding commands to block them and thus stop sending their messages and do not play private messages in the room (this behavior will also be penalized).
    Do not impersonate other members, or portray yourself as a non-chat gender.

  9. Respect the room operators
    Always follow the instructions given by our staff of channel operators and do not make criticisms, insults, insults, defamations, attacks or inappropriate comments towards an operator.
    Do not intentionally avoid a ban. You must wait until your ban expires or is removed.

  10. NO to topics not allowed
    We do not have tolerance (either in messages in rooms or in complaints of private messages) with incest, pedophilia, bestiality, rape, kidnapping or any illegal activity in general. Also, do not reproduce images or any content of a sexual nature in rooms that are not of that theme.

  11. About nicknames or nicknames

    • Nicknames that include in their description terms such as "partner", "friends", "friends" and their variants in which proper names are NOT included (for example: "JuanYMaria").
    • Nicknames that represent gender identity such as "gay", "trans", "les", "cross".
    • Nicknames with terms that can be interpreted as a minor, but that attach a number representing an older age. Examples: "nenita20", "beba18", "joven21".
    • Nicknames in English language, as long as their translation does not imply a violation of the rules.

    NOT allowed
    • Nicknames related to members of a family (this includes apócopes and diminutives of these terms like "pa" and "papito"). Examples include: "son", "daughter", "brother", "father", "mother", "mother", "grandfather", "uncle", "abu".
    • Vulgar nicknames or with sexual references in rooms that are not sexually themed. This includes nicknames that represent sexual identity such as "passive", "active", "dominant", "submissive".
    • Nicknames with references to third parties. Examples of this type are: "minovia", "mimujer", "michica".
    • Nicknames that include first and last names (that do not represent a popular or famous person).
    • Nicknames that can be interpreted as underage, for example that include "baby", "baby", "young", "baby".
    • Nicknames that have been repeatedly reported as used to commit offenses: terms "morbid", "wanker", "hentai" and derivatives.

  12. Use Spanish language
    Our channels are used internationally, the language used to chat is Spanish, use other languages ​​only in private messages.

  13. Avoid capital letters
    This is seen as rude behavior in a chat.

Any breach of the rules may lead to expulsion from the room, from the chat globally and in the event of a flagrant crime, it will be communicated to the relevant authorities and collaboration will be made as much as possible.

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